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Thali'sens unites Thalassotherapy know-how with the cornucopia of nature originating in far away places - beyond the seas and oceans. The Spa well-being treatment has been combined with marine efficiency to give you a wonderful skin and ultimate relaxation.

The treatment menu invites you to escape for a time in order to rediscover yourself. By travelling from one world to another, we hear the needs of our bodies, we revisit the sense of touch and finally achieve harmony. During the treatment, tensions fade away, the body feels lighter and the skin becomes soft and radiant.

The essential qualities of Thali'sens embody the spirit of these exotic destinations and will flood the senses with feelings reminiscent of these far away places: free yourself of toxins with Orient, revitalise and tone yourself with Atlantic, enjoy the feeling of calm of Asia, the sensation of complete relaxation of Polynesia and finally discover a new energy with Amazon.

Thali'sens offers an escape from time and space by incorporating customised movements and rituals providing new experiences to the senses and touch to the skin.

This eastern journey evokes the senses to a land of sun where time moves slowly like dripping honey, where the desert wind is heavy with delicate perfume.

This detoxifying journey with its generous rituals allow the body to rid itself of toxins, the skin becomes beautiful and soft, restoring the body to a feeling of well-being as in tradition of the oriental act of purification.

Vent de sable, an exfoliating treatment with a creamy texture, packed with ghassoul, argan oil and seaweed, gently applied to the body to reveal exfoliated, purified and silky skin. Wrapped in the Èpices et algues treatment, the body is detoxified in-depth as the heat provides a delicious calming effect. The massage with océan de soleil, a smoothing oil, completes this journey which exudes all the warmth of the perfumes of the orient.

The skin reflects a sumptuous radiance, it is soft and purified and the body feels languorous as if the skin has been caressed by the gentle heat of the sun in one of the medina's gardens.


The Atlantic coast, a natural source of well-being, the invigorating sea air, the energising waves crashing on the sea shore inviting you to escape to the endless horizon.

Thali'sens has drawn inspiration from this to create a revitalising ritual which offers the feeling of having just swum in the sea, when the skin has been suffused with the oceans essential minerals. The seaweed rich exfoliating powder, Grain de mer, leaves the skin feeling incomparably soft and ready to be nourished by the Secret d'algues wrap. This green seaweed pulp caresses, revivifies and tones the skin. When massaged with Au rythme des vagues fluid, the skin tingles with pleasure and feels incredibly soft.

Recharge with minerals and vitality, the body is relieved of its tension and the skin radiant.


Thali'sens transports us to Asia where actions speak louder than words and time for reflection is the order of the day.

This holistic treatment will bring harmony to the mind and body, The skin becomes soft and the mind is calm, creating a deep feeling of improved well-being. The skin adores the silky touch of the Eaux calmes exfoliating treatment which lets the active principles do their work slowly. After this enzymatic peel, the body is wrapped with
Ècume nacrée, which subtly combines tea and seaweed - or opts for a bath, nestled in Métamorphose de l'eau wax.

The sculpting massage with Souffle de satin oil, containing rice bran and seaweed, is soft and delicate. The mind and body in perfect harmony and sublime, soft and silky skin are an invitation to serenity.


A palm tree leaf stirred by a light tropical wind, a slow pace becomes an art of living, the transparent waters of the lagoon and the languor of the woman with long black hair have inspired Thali'sens for a gentle and heady ritual, resembling the perfume of the tiare flower.

Movement is a caress offering total pleasure which guides us towards a world free of stress and agitation. Tentation cristalline, a delicious exfoliant prepared with coconut pulp and seaweed, glides over the body to offer it radiance and nutrition. The skin delights in Transparence d'atoll wax which becomes a sumptuous massage cream when it melts, like magic, with the turquoise gel,
Féerie du lagon. As a finishing touch, the ritual used by Tahitian woman: the application of an iridescent gold cream, Perle de tiaré, which melts into the skin, providing it with incredible softness.

The skin is coated in a subtle and golden light, all thoughts are positive, the spirit escapes.


To regain strength and dynamism, Thali'sens leads us into a secret world, a dense and luxuriant forest, a land of a thousand enigmatic sounds where all the senses are on the alert.

The mysterious ritual speaks of warmth and life and gives new energy to the person receiving it. The seductive texture, the strangely sophisticated perfume of Rouge corail exfoliant changes in contact with the skin to provide stimulating sensations. The skin, exfoliated by gentle rubbing, washed free of tension, is perfectly prepared for the Profondeur des terres heating wrap. This delightful paste, combining seaweed and cocoa beans, diffuses a gentle heat which favours the elimination of toxins and muscular relaxation. The stimulating sculpting massage with Onde boisée provides the finishing touch with brazil nut and tonifying seaweed.

The skin is firmer and exudes an incredible radiance and the body delights in an intense feeling os exhilarating well-being.

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