Slimming Concept

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Our high tech Slimming Concept equipment works best as part of a program that includes healthy eating and regular exercise.




- OMNISCAN The initial diagnostic is a high-performance bio-impedance measuring device that enables the essential data: lean mass, fat mass, water balance, basal metabolism, daily energy needs, body mass index, to be calculated using a painless micro current technique. It helps to create a personal profile in order to create the proper programs, which will suits your needs.

- CELLSONIC Ultrasounds with lipolysis and sonophoresis actions Low-frequency ultrasounds method that deeply penetrates in the adipose tissues, breaking down the fat cells.

- BIODERM ESSENTIAL Vacuum massage treatment with Essential Oils Vacuum therapy combines two well-proven techniques: suction effect and mechanical palpate-roll. The combination of those two techniques, in a global slimming concept, offers good results, particularly in cases where stubborn cellulite is hard to remove.

- THE DLS 10 Pressotherapy Pressoplastie is a system intended to eliminate excess interstitial fluid stagnating in sub-cutaneous tissues and favours venous and lymphatic drainage.

- SP3 Electro/Lipostimulation. Electro stimulation consists in substituting the electrical signals from the body’s nervous system by impulses supplied by an external generator, in order to create muscular contractions.


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