Alternative Treatments

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Alternative Treatments

Floatation (30 minutes)

Time spent in our float room is a unique experience. Is the quickest, simplest and most effective way to achieve a great improvement in the quality of your daily life. It offers the feeling of weightlessness, free from time and space, in a floatation pool suspended in a non-irritating saline solution that is heated to 38 degrees. It produces a very deep relaxation by isolating the distractions of the outside surroundings and stimulates the nerve system. Deep relaxation results in the following health benefits: Increase Stress Tolerance, Normalise the Blood Pressure, Pain Relief, Body and Spirit Revitalize, Creates sense of Well Being, Improves Ability to Learn, Reduction of Addictive Behaviour and Non Known Negative Effects.

Serial Bath (30 minutes)

Serial Bath cleans and maintains the whole body. By the combination of welfare mud packing and herb steam bath it unfolds its effect; Serial Bath energizes the metabolism, the blood circulation and maintains the skin.

In the preparation area one lubricates oneself with the hands care or welfare chalk on face and body. The substance dries in a few minutes (in the wall heated cab) and separates only again in the steam. With circling movements the mud is rubbed into the skin; some baths offer for it still with coarse-grained sea salt. Thus died skin cells are removed and the skin can take up mineral materials particularly well.

After the herb steam bath, the mud remainder can be rinsed off under the shower. Once your body is dry your body will be rubbed with wax protective oils. In the end: a half hour of peace. The body is relaxed and cleaned.

Hydro Bath (20 minutes)

A modern and high performance automatic hydrobath, with the use of 180 nozzles is offering a fully under water massage on six anatomical zones combined with chromotherapy. The treatment can be done in combination with massage or other treatments. The benefits are, circulation increase, muscle relaxation, hydro massage, color therapy.

Aqua Gym Experience (20 minutes)

Tonifies the muscles, gives life to the heart and lungs and at the end it helps to fight the stress. The water gymnastics are the same with the ground ones, obviously in a slower rhythm which makes the exercise more efficient.

Aroma Steam Bath (20 minutes)

When entering the Aroma Steam Bath, your body goes through a unique sensorial journey. Mild heat spread through the benches and the walls creating a temperature which enables relaxation.

Olive Wood Sauna (20 minutes)

Olive Wood Sauna recreates a hot atmosphere within a harmonious mixing of old-fashioned and newly designed olive wood construction. It obtains a relaxing atmosphere and brings good benefits for health.

Infrared Sauna (20 minutes)

An Infrared Sauna uses infrared heaters to emit infrared radiant heat which is absorbed directly into the human body, unlike traditional saunas which heat the body indirectly via air or steam.

Aroma Steam Bath (20 minutes)

When entering the Aroma Steam Bath, your body goes through a unique sensorial journey. Mild heat spread through the benches and the walls creating a temperature which enables relaxation.

Slimming Concept

Omniscan (30 minutes)

The initial diagnostic is a high-performance bio-impedance measuring device that enables the essential data: lean mass, fat mass, water balance, basal metabolism, daily energy needs, body mass index, to be calculated using a painless micro current technique. It helps to create a personal profile in order to create the proper programs, which will suit your needs..

Cellsonic (60 minutes)

Ultrasounds with lipolysis and sonophoresis actions. Low-frequency ultrasounds method that deeply penetrates in the adipose tissues, breaking down the fat cells.

Biotherm Essential (60 minutes)

Vacuum massage treatment with essential oils. Vacuum therapy combines two well-proven techniques: suction effect and mechanical palpate-roll. The combination of those two techniques, in a global slimming concept, offers good results, particularly in cases where stubborn cellulite is hard to remove.

The DLS 10 Pressotherapy (60 minutes)

Pressoplastie is a system intended to eliminate excess interstitial fluid stagnating in sub-cutaneous tissues and favours venous and lymphatic drainage.

SP3 Electro/Lipostimulation (60 minutes)

Electro stimulation consists in substituting the electrical signals from the body’s nervous system by impulses supplied by an external generator, in order to create muscular contractions.

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